Why Is Fitbit Sense Not Working After Swimming?

Fitbit Sense is definitely worth considering. It’s packed with features, and it looks great on the wrist. However, there have been some complaints from users who say that their watch stopped working after they took it for a swim. It is really frustrating when a smartwatch doesn’t start right after swimming. It should never happen as Fitbit Sense is a swim-proof smartwatch with 50 ATM water resistance certified.

But according to the community posts, the seal around the screen cannot protect your smartwatch while doing heavy water activity. It is really frustrating!

In this blog post, we’ll explain why Fitbit sense may not be working after swimming and how to fix the issue. Keep reading for more information!

Why is Fitbit Sense not Working After Swimming?

While doing heavy water activity, water damages your smartwatch. There are other reasons too. The reasons for your Fitbit Sense is not working after swimming are: 

  1. Water entered through the round seal
  2. Empty battery
  3. Incorrect watch settings

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Water entered through the round seal

The round seal of Fitbit sense is not prefect for all types of water activity. So if you use the smartwatch in a way that is not suitable with the smartwatch, water can enter though the round seal and your water face issues after swimming. Entering water issue is the most common reason for this. You have to take special care while wearing Fitbit sense during any kind of water activity because a single mistake can cause damage to your smartwatch.

Empty battery

If you’re an avid swimmer, you may have noticed that your smartwatch doesn’t seem to last as long as it does when you’re not swimming. This is because swimming is a very strenuous activity and puts a lot of strain on your smartwatch’s battery. While it’s rare for your smartwatch to completely die while you’re swimming, it is possible for the battery to become drained more quickly than usual. To avoid this, make sure to keep an eye on your smartwatch’s battery level and charge it up before you go for a swim. With a little bit of planning, you can ensure that your smartwatch will be there to track your swims – even if your battery isn’t at 100%.

Incorrect watch settings

If your watch’s settings are incorrect, you may also face issues after swimming. It is not the turn-on issue, and it is a tracking issue. As you are already using a Fitbit Since you already know that you can enable swimming mode before you start swimming. If the settings remain the same after swimming, you may face some tracking issues after swimming. 

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How to Fix Fitbit Sense not Working After Swimming

Fitbit Sense

I understand how frustrating it is when you see your favorite smartwatch won’t start after your finish your swimming. Though there is no guaranteed fix for this issue, you can try fixing it. If you are lucky enough, your smartwatch will get back to its normal state. Usually, the watch can not be fixed if it is a water issue. Let’s figure out how to fix Fitbit Sense if it is not working after swimming.  

1. Dry your smartwatch

The first step is to dry your smartwatch and remove as much water as possible. Use a towel or tissue to blot the surface and remove any standing water. Once the watch is mostly dry, try turning it on like you normally would. If it doesn’t power on, try pressing and holding the button for 20 seconds. In some cases, this will reset the watch and allow you to power it ON again. If your smartwatch is still unresponsive, it’s time to proceed to the next step.

2. Change swimming mode

If it is an activity tracking issue, try changing the watch settings. Disable the Swimming Mode. It should work after then. Double-tap on the button, and your swimming mode will exit. Remember, it will work only if you are having a tracking issue because of the swimming mode. If your smartwatch doesn’t start after swimming, follow the next steps. 

3. Try Charging

Make sure the charging pins are clear, and try charging the watch. If the watch starts charging, then it is fine, and you can use it as usual. However, if the watch does not start charging, you will need to take further steps. One option is to wait for the watch to dry completely and then try charging it again. Make sure your charging pins are clean and there is no dust. Another option is to try using a different charger. If neither of these options works, you may need to contact customer service for your particular smartwatch.

4. Contact the customer support

If none of the solutions above work, your last resort is to contact Fitbit customer support. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the problem or even send you a replacement if your watch is still under warranty. To contact customer support, you can use the live chat feature on the Fitbit website, call them directly, or reach out to them through the Fitbit community forum. You can also send them a message directly from your Fitbit app.

Like many Fitbit users, I am also frustrated that a swim-proof smartwatch can have this issue. But there is a difference between waterproof and water resistance. It is the cause of this issue. For some users, the seal around the screen can not protect the smartwatch. Those who are unlucky can have the issue while swimming. 

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How to protect your Fitbit Sense while swimming

If you are going to swim with Fitbit sense then make sure to tighten the strap as much as possible so that no water can enter through the round seal. Another thing that you need to take care of is saltwater. Make sure not to expose your smartwatch to saltwater for a long time as it can corrode the watch body. iodine and chlorine present in salt water can also cause damage to the sensors present in the watch. So if you are using Fitbit sense near a pool, then make sure to rinse it with fresh water as soon as possible.

Why is my Fitbit not working after being in Water?

The possible reasons for your Fitbit not working after being in the water is your smartwatch was affected by water, and the round seal couldn’t protect your smartwatch from water. If your smartwatch doesn’t turn on after drying and charging, you should immediately contact their support and ask for a replacement if the warranty period still exists. 

How do I unlock my Fitbit Sense after swimming?

If your Fitbit sense is locked after swimming, you can unlock it by double pressing the button. If you double press the button, it will exit the swimming mode, and your smartwatch will be unlocked to track your daily activity. 

Does Fitbit Sense Track swim?

Yes. Fitbit Sense has a dedicated swim tracking mode to track your swimming. It can detect stroke and other swimming activity while swimming. Though there are some complaints against Fitbit Sense, sometimes, it gets into trouble after swimming. You should keep that in mind. 

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Final Verdict

So finally, we can say that there is no exact solution to this issue, but you can try the solutions listed above to fix it. If you had no luck fixing the issue, you should contact their support and explain the issue well. They will try to fix it, or they will give you a replacement if you are under their warranty period. I hope this blog helps you to get the answer. Let us know if you found any other solution to this issue. 

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