Why is Fitbit Sense Battery Draining Fast? Fix it Now (Solved)

If you’re noticing that your Fitbit Sense is draining its battery at a much faster rate than usual, you’re not alone. Many users are reporting the same issue, and there appears to be no clear solution. In this post, we’ll explore some of the possible reasons for the battery drain and suggest some potential solutions. We hope that this information will help you get your Sense back to its former glory!

How long does Fitbit sense battery last?

According to Fitbit’s official announcement, Fitbit Sense battery lasts up to six days. It can slightly reduce if you use multiple sensors at the same time. So you can expect 4 days of battery backup in your Fitbit Sense with full usage. If you notice the battery lasts less than that, you should consider taking some actions to increase your battery life. Some users find only one day or two days of battery life. That is a concern, and there is something wrong that you have to figure out and fix it.

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Why is my Fitbit Sense battery draining so fast?

If your Fitbit Sense battery is draining fast, there might have several factors that are causing extra battery usage, and your battery is draining so fast. The common reasons for your Fitbit Sense battery draining so fast are:

Reason 1: Unnecessary Sensor usage

Unnecessary sensor usage is one of the most common reasons for battery drainage. Many devices, such as the Fitbit sense, have a variety of sensors that are utilized for different purposes. When these sensors are unnecessarily left on, they can quickly drain the battery. Given that many people use their devices for long periods of time, it is important to be mindful of unnecessary sensor usage in order to extend the battery life.

Reason 2: GPS is always turned on

There are a few different reasons why your battery might be draining faster than usual. One possibility is that you have the GPS sensor turned on all the time. This can be a handy feature, but it does use up a lot of battery power. If you’re noticing that your battery is running low more quickly than usual, try turning off the GPS sensor when you’re not using it.

Reason 3: Snoring monitoring if turned on

If you enable snoring monitoring, it will take up a lot of battery life and cause your battery to drain faster than usual. This is a problem for many Fitbit users, as their batteries can become empty very quickly. There are a few things you can do to try and mitigate this issue, such as disabling snoring monitoring when you don’t need it or ensuring that your Fitbit is fully charged before you go to bed. However, if you find that your battery is still draining too quickly, you may want to consider using a different sleep tracking device.

Reason 4: The always on Display is turned on

Always on Display is a useful feature but takes more power to keep the display on. If you are using this feature, it is causing your battery to drain fast. Always on Display is a great feature but you should keep in mind that it takes battery life to keep the display open.

Reason 5: Incorrect Clock Faces

If you use any clock face that it is not properly created, can drain your battery too. There are some clock faces on that marketplace that is very bad while considering battery life. Some clock faces keep your watch activated and all the sensors activated which is a cause of draining the battery fast.

Reason 6: Software Version Mismatch

If you had recently updated your watch, it could be a reason for your battery dying fast. The phone and watch’s software should be matched to get normal battery life.

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How do I maximize my Fitbit Sense battery life?

To maximize your Fitbit Sense battery life, you can take some steps. There is no one-stop solution for maximizing your battery life. You have to try different solutions to get longer battery life. We have combined several solutions for you to follow and implement on your watch.

Solution 1: Fully charge the battery

The first thing you need to do is to charge the battery until it is full. A fully charged battery will last longer than a partially charged battery, so it is important to make sure that your battery is full before you use your Fitbit sense. There are two ways to charge your Fitbit sense. You can either plug it into a USB port or you can use the charging dock that comes with your Fitbit sense. Once your Fitbit sense is plugged in, it will take about two hours to fully charge the battery.

Solution 2: Control Screen Opening

Controlling screen opening is an important factor for draining your battery fast. So you have to turn off the screen opening when it is not necessary. There is an option on your Fitbit Sense to turn off the auto screen while shaking your hand.

Solution 3: Turn on auto brightness

Auto brightness helps you to reduce the brightness where you don’t need more lights. So you should enable auto brightness to get a longer battery life on your Fitbit Sense. To turn on auto-brightness, swipe left to find the quick settings> Tap on the Brightness icon > Use + or – to adjust brightness.

Solution 4: Turn off the Always-on display

If you want to reduce your battery usage, you can turn off the Always On Display mode on your watch. This will cause your watch to enter power-saving mode, which will dim the display and turn it off after a period of inactivity. While this may not be as convenient, it will help to extend the battery life of your watch.

Solution 5: Disable Unnecessary notifications

You can disable unnecessary notifications to reduce battery usage. Whenever a notification comes, your watch uses the battery to beep and shows the notification on your display. So you can manually turn off any kind of unnecessary notifications.

Solution 6: Control GPS Sensor Usage

As a user, you don’t need all of the sensors on the watch to activate at a time. It is better to reduce sensor usage. The sensor which is not required should be disabled after the necessary task is complete. GPS is one of the common sensors which eats lots of battery power. Consider turning off the GPS mode when it is not in use.

Solution 7: Update software for both Watch and Phone

In the recent update, many users had the same problem of the battery draining fast because of the software version mismatch. To get a longer battery life and fix the battery draining issue, update the software on both Watch and Phone. After you finish updating, restart your smartwatch. It will fix your battery issues.

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Fitbit Sense Battery Drain After Update

Yes. Many users are indeed having battery drain issues after they update their software on the phone or the watch. If you are one of them, try updating to the latest version on both devices. Update your watch’s software and also your phone’s software. If they both are updated, it will fix your battery problem.

Why is my Fitbit sense dying so fast?

There are 5 reasons for your battery is not keeping a charge. They are unnecessary sensor usage, GPS being turned on, snoring monitoring being turned on, always on display, version mismatch and incorrect clock face. To get a longer battery life, try fixing all of them. It will make your battery longer than usual.

How do I reduce battery usage on Fitbit sense?

You can try several solutions to reduce battery usage on your Fitbit Sense. Try fully charging the battery, controlling screen opening, Turning on auto-brightness, Turning off always on display, Disabling unnecessary notifications, Control GPS sensor usage, update the software on both phones and watch.

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Final Verdict

After a long discussion, we can finally say that Fitbit Sense is a great smartwatch for tracking your daily activity. Still, it can have issues with the battery if you cannot properly configure it to get maximum battery life. With some tips on your watch, you can get the highest battery life on your Fitbit sense. However, if you are still having issues, contact customer support for further assistance.

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