How to Unlock Fitbit Sense With Phone

Are you struggling to unlock your Fitbit with your phone? Don’t worry. You’re not alone! In this blog post, I’ll share some tips on how to unlock your Fitbit with your phone. The unlocking way using your phone is simple. Stay tuned and keep reading to know the process.

Before I talk about the unlocking process, you should know what is locking feature on your Fitbit Sense.

What is Fitbit Device Lock?

The locking feature on your Fitbit Sense is designed to help keep your device safe and secure. When the device is locked, all of the buttons and Touchscreen are disabled, so only someone with your passcode can access your device.

To lock your Fitbit sense, simply press and hold the button on the right side of the device for two seconds. You’ll know the device is locked when you see the lock icon on the screen. To unlock your device, simply enter your passcode. If you forget your passcode, you can reset it by holding down the button on the left side of the device for eight seconds.

By default, your Fitbit sense will automatically lock after 10 minutes of inactivity. However, you can adjust this setting in the Settings menu.

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How to unlock Fitbit Sense with Phone?

Trying to unlock your Fitbit with your phone can be a frustrating experience. Thankfully, the process is quite simple. Here are a few tips to help you successfully unlock your Fitbit with your phone on both Android and iPhone:

Step 1: Open your phone and find the Fitbit App.

Step 2: In the Fitbit app, find the Today tab. Tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on your Profile picture

Step 4: Select your Fitbit Sense Device Image.

Step 5: Tap on Device Lock

Step 6: Scroll up/down to find the option to reset your PIN code.

By following the steps above, you can unlock your Fitbit Sense with your phone. It is easy to do with your phone when you forget the pin code.

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How to unlock Fitbit sense with iPhone

You can unlock the Fitbit Sense with iPhone using the same method as android. As you can download and use the Fitbit App on iOS, too, you can use the same way to unlock your Fitbit Sense using an iPhone. To unlock your Fitbit Sense with an iPhone, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open your Fitbit App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go to Today > Profile Picture and tap on your Fitbit Sense Device.

Step 3: Find and Tap on the Device lock.

Step 4: Change the option to Reset your current PIN with a new pin.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can now change the pin and unlock your Fitbit Sense with your iPhone.

If you are unable to unlock your device even after following all the methods mentioned above, you can contact to their support using the link below.

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How to unlock Fitbit sense without a phone?

If you enter the wrong pin 10 times, your Fitbit Sense will lock, and you have to unlock it with your phone. If you don’t have the phone to unlock it, you can try resetting the device to get it back to its normal condition. A soft reset will not reset the pin. You have to reset your Fitbit sense manually to hard reset the pin. 

If your Fitbit sense is not working properly, you may need to perform a hard reset. To do this, press and hold the button until you see the Fitbit logo. Release the button once you see the Fitbit logo appears on the screen. If the restart is complete, you can now use your watch again and set a new pin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove the Fitbit lock?

To remove the Fitbit lock, Open your phone > Go to Fitbit App > Tap on the Today tap > Look for the profile picture and tap on it > Select your Fitbit sense watch > tap on device lock > now go to options and remove the lock from your Fitbit Sense.

How do I turn off the device lock on Fitbit sense?

To turn off the device lock on your Fitbit sense, open your Fitbit app on your phone > Go to today tab > Select profile picture > select Fitbit Sense device > Select Device Lock > turn off the lock from settings.

How do I unlock my Fitbit sense from Water Lock?

Water Lock is a great feature for the Fitbit Sense to prevent extra touch while doing water activity. To unlock your Fitbit sense from the water lock, simply double press on the screen quickly to unlock your water lock. If it does not work, tap on the side button quickly twice to unlock your device from the water lock.

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Final Verdict

After the discussion, we can say that locking your Fitbit Sense is a good way to protect your wallet info. If you forget the pin, you can use your Android and iPhone to unlock your watch. If your phone is not around, you can try a hard reset to unlock your Fitbit sense and set your new pin again.

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