How to Unlock Fitbit Sense After Swimming

If you’re a swimmer, you know that tracking your workouts is essential to improving your performance. But what do you do if your Fitbit Sense won’t track your swims? This guide will show you how to unlock the Fitbit Sense after swimming so you can continue tracking your progress. Keep reading for more information!

Why is Fitbit Sense not working after swimming

If your Fitbit sense is not working after swimming, it may be because the Water Lock feature has been enabled. This feature prevents the screen from activating itself in order to prevent any accidental touches while swimming. Once the water Lock symbol appears on the screen, you will know that the feature has been successfully enabled. This feature activates automatically by the watch itself. If you finish swimming, you may face this issue in Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa, and other Fitbit smartwatches.

To get your smartwatch working again, you must disable the swimming feature/Water lock. There are several ways to disable the Water Lock Feature and get your smartwatch back to its normal state.

How to Unlock Fitbit Sense After Swimming

To unlock Fitbit sense after swimming, you can apply different methods. All of them are very simple to apply. Disabling the Water Lock Feature on your smartwatch is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. To unlock your Fitbit Sense after swimming, follow the instructions below:

  1. Try Quick Double Tapping on your screen. It may fix your problem.
  2. Press the Side Button to exit the swimming mode.
  3. Double Press the Side Button to unlock the watch and exit the water lock mode. It will fix your problem.

If you still face the issue, try the last one and Reset Your Fitbit Sense/ Fitbit Versa smartwatch. Some users reported that the traditional methods didn’t work for them. The only solution in that case is resetting the smartwatch. It is the last option if no other methods work.

If you find that your watch is still locked after following the steps outlined in the article, please reach out to their Support team for help. They will be able to investigate the issue and provide you with assistance. You can reach them via chat or phone.

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How to unlock the Fitbit water lock?

If you’re having trouble unlocking your Fitbit water lock, there are a few things you can try. First, double tap on the screen. If that doesn’t work, try double pressing the side button. Lastly, if all else fails, try resetting your device. If you’re still having trouble, contact customer support for further assistance.

Why Fitbit luxe not working after swimming?

If your Fitbit Luxe is not working after swimming, try the methods discussed on the article. Unlocking the Fitbit Luxe is the same as the Fitbit Sense. They are from the same company and have the same water locking mechanism, so both will be unlocked using the same method. For the last try, you can try resetting your Fitbit Luxe to unlock the lock and get it to work after swimming.

How to get my Fitbit Sense out of swim mode?

 To get your Fitbit Sense out of the swim mode, double tap on the side button. It will exit swim mode and get back to its normal state. If it doesn’t work, try to restart your watch to get it back to normal condition.

How do I unlock my swim lock Fitbit?

There are several ways to unlock your swim lock on your Fitbit devices. Try double tap on the screen. If the first method does not work, try pressing the side button twice. Your Fitbit will exist in the swim mode by following the methods.

How do I unlock my Fitbit Sense screen?

If you wish to unlock your Fitbit Screen, tap on the screen twice, it will activate your screen, and you can then manage your Fitbit watch. If you want to unlock your screen after swimming, try pressing the side button twice to unlock your Fitbit Sense Screen. It will unlock the swim mode, and you can work on the watch again.

To prevent any touch while swimming, Fitbit has introduced the swim lock feature with their new smartwatches. It is a useful feature especially if you usually swim in the pool.

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Final Verdict

Finally, we can say that swim mode on Fitbit sense is a good feature by Fitbit, but for new users, it is a little confusing when they find the watch is not working after swimming. You can try unlocking the swim mode by following the methods above. If none of these work, you can reset your Fitbit device to get it back to its normal state. It is not a serious issue to be concerned about. If nothing works, you can contact their support for further assistance.

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