How to Fix a Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On – (Solved)

Smartwatches are convenient for keeping track of your notifications and interactions without pulling out your phone. But what do you do when your watch doesn’t turn on?

This blog post will walk you through troubleshooting steps to get your watch back up and running. Keep in mind that these steps may vary depending on the make and model of your smartwatch.

Why Won’t my Smartwatch Turn on or Charge?

The reasons for not turning on your smartwatch may vary from a dead battery to water damage. It is important to take the proper steps to troubleshoot the problem before contacting customer service. One of the most common issues is a dead battery. If your smartwatch has been inactive for an extended period, the battery may need to be recharged. Simply connect the watch to its charger and wait for it to power on.

If the problem persists, there may be an issue with the charging port or the battery itself. Water damage can also prevent a smartwatch from turning on in some cases. If your watch has been exposed to water, remove the battery and allow it to dry completely before attempting to power on the device.

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Common Reasons for a Smartwatch That Won’t Turn On:

1. The Battery is Empty

How to fix a smartwatch that wont turn on empty battery

If you find that your smartwatch won’t turn on, the most likely culprit is an empty battery. Most smartwatches will enter a power-saving mode when the battery gets low, making it seem like the watch is turned off.

However, a quick charge will be enough to get the watch back up and running in most cases. If your smartwatch still doesn’t turn on after being plugged in, there may be a more serious issue. It’s possible that the watch’s software has become corrupt or that the hardware itself has failed.

2. Physical damage

One of the reasons you might not want to turn on your smartwatch is physical damage. If your smartwatch is physically damaged, it likely won’t turn on. And even if it does, the damage could cause other problems.

Physical damages are not easy to fix, especially if you don’t have proper knowledge of a smartwatch’s hardware. Even if you take it to a professional, they might not be able to do anything about it. So, if your smartwatch is physically damaged, it’s best to just leave it off.

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3. Left without charging

If you forget to charge your smartwatch for a few days, the battery will drain, and the watch will power off. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to use your watch. So, if you’re leaving your watch unused for a long time, your smartwatch probably is out of battery because of the inactivity. That is another common reason for not turning the smartwatch on.

4. Dirt or debris blocking the charging ports

Over time, dirt and debris can build up in the charging port of your smartwatch, preventing it from charging properly. If you notice that your smartwatch isn’t holding a charge as well as it used to, or if it takes longer to charge than normal, it’s a good idea to check the port for blockages.

5. The power button lost its strength

How to fix a smartwatch that wont turn on

If you press your power button too frequently without any need, it can gradually lose its strength. This is because the button is made of a spring-loaded mechanism, and each time you press it, the spring becomes slightly weaker.

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Over time, this can lead to the button becoming less responsive, and eventually, it may stop working entirely. While this may not be a problem for cheap watches, it can be a serious issue for high-quality watches designed to last for years.

6. The charger is not working

It won’t charge the smartwatch or turn on if the charger isn’t working. Make sure your charger is in good working order.

If your charger is working properly, focus on other solutions.

7. Malfunction – Pending factory reset

Sometimes, your smartwatch needs a factory reset to restore it to its regular condition. If any of the solutions are not working, you may try a factory reset which can resolve the malfunction of a smartwatch, and your smartwatch will start in normal condition.

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How to turn on a smartwatch?

Depending on your model, there are a few different ways to turn on a smartwatch. Some models may have a physical power button that you can press to turn the watch on, while others may start up automatically when you put them on your wrist. If your smartwatch has a touchscreen display, you may need to swipe or press a button on the screen to wake it up.

Ways to fix a smartwatch that won’t turn on

1. Charge Your Smartwatch

When you find that your smartwatch is not turning on, the first thing you should do is try to charge it. A smartwatch often needs to be plugged into its charger to power on. If your smartwatch does not turn on after being charged, you can try a few other things.

2. Check the charger

One of the most common issues with electronic devices is that they stop charging when plugged in. This can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can try to get your device charging again.

First, check your charger for any physical damage.

If there is any damage, you will need to replace the charger. Next, check to see if the pin is working correctly. If the pin is bent or broken, it will need to be replaced. Finally, if your charger is working properly and there is no physical damage, you may need to try another solution.

3. Check dirt and debris

Keeping your smartwatch clean is important not just for appearance’s sake but also to ensure that it functions properly. One area that can easily become clogged with dirt and debris is the charging port.

If your watch is having difficulty charging, take a look at the port to see if there is any build-up. If so, you can usually clear it away with a soft cloth or toothpick. Try charging again once the port is clear and see if that solves the problem. In most cases, it should!

4. Check the power socket

Check the power source. Ensure that the wall socket or power strip you’re using is turned on. If it is, try plugging the charger into a different outlet to see if that makes a difference. If your smartwatch still isn’t charging, you can try a few other things.

5. Check if your Power Button Is Working

If your smartwatch is fine, the charger is also fine. The problem can be with your power button. It happens with some people. If your overuse the power button without any need, the power button loses its strength and stops working. Check if it is working properly. Otherwise, you need to repair it.

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6. Force Restart Your Smartwatch

If your smartwatch is acting up, one possible solution is factory reset it. This will erase all of the data on your watch, including any installed apps and saved settings. To factory reset your smartwatch, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds.

The method is the same whether you’ve got an Apple Watch or a Wear OS smartwatch. Typically, your watch’s crown will be used as the power button. In some cases, you may need to hold down the power button and the volume up or down button simultaneously. Once the reset is complete, your watch will restart, and you’ll be able to set it up as if it’s brand new. Remember that a factory reset should only be used as a last resort.

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Video Tutorial:

Tips and tricks for using a smartwatch

  1. Keep your smartwatch clean to prevent dirt and debris from clogging the charging port or other areas
  2. Always charge your smartwatch before you left it for a long period.
  3. It is better to use the smartwatch often without any reason to make it work properly.
  4. Make sure to use the power button correctly
  5. If your smartwatch isn’t charging, try cleaning the charging port or checking for dirt or debris
  6. If your power button isn’t working, you may need to replace it

How to fix the smartwatch not charging?

Clean your charger port, and remove the dirt and debris from smartwatch charger ports. Try charging, and it should work immediately. If it is not working, your smartwatch or your charger is dead and, it should be replaced.

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