Can Fitbit Sense Answer Calls on Android and iPhone?

Can the Fitbit sense answer your calls on an Android or iPhone? The answer is yes and no. You can answer phone calls directly from the Fitbit sense when your watch is connected to the phone, and you are staying near the phone. You have to activate the on-wrist calling function to accept calls directly from the watch. You can answer the calls from your Fitbit sense when you are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Keep reading for more details.

Can Fitbit sense answer calls on Android?

Yes. Fitbit answer calls on Android if it is connected to a phone using the Fitbit App. You must properly configure your Fitbit sense to receive notifications of calls and talk using the Fitbit Sense. Please be informed that Fitbit Sense can not accept or make calls independently without the help of a phone.

Can Fitbit sense answer calls on iPhone?

Yes. Fitbit Sense answer calls on iPhone. Same as Android, iPhone users are also able to accept and reject calls while connected to the phone using Bluetooth. With the new Fitbit Sense, you can talk using the watch’s microphone, which is a great option for Fitbit Sense users.

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Can you answer phone calls on the Fitbit Sense watch?

Yes, you can answer calls in the Fitbit Sense watch while you are around your mobile, and your Fitbit Sense is connected to the phone using the Fitbit app. It is not a default system to answer calls on your Fitbit Sense watch. You must configure your watch to get calling notifications and answer calls directly from your wrist. There is a function called “On Wrist Calls” in the Fitbit App, which you should set up to start receiving calls from your smartwatch.

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How do I receive calls on my Fitbit Sense?

You can receive calls on your Fitbit Sense smartwatch. To receive calls on your Fitbit Sense, follow the steps below to set up the “On Wrist Calls” feature.

  1. Open your Fitbit App.
  2. Find the Profile Picture in the top left corner. Tap on it.
  3. Go to Sense Menu from the list.
  4. Scroll down until you find “On Wrist Calls.”. Tap on it.
  5. Tap on See Instructions > Start Setup.
  6. You will find the available devices list in the Connected Device List.
  7. Go to your Fitbit Sense and tap on Settings> Vibration and Audio > Scroll down and tap on Music control and On Wrist Calls. Tap on Sense Controls. You will now find the device on the list of new devices on your Fitbit app called “Fitbit Controls.”
  8. Tap on “Fitbit Controls.” It will connect to the watch. Tap Done after finishing the setup process.
  9. Now tap on the Notifications menu, which is right below On Wrist Calls.
  10. Make sure the “Calls” option is enabled.
  11. You are now ready to receive calling notifications and answer calls on your Fitbit Sense.

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Can Fitbit Sense answer calls without a phone?

No. Fitbit Sense can not answer calls without the help of a phone. Your Fitbit Sense must be connected to the phone, and the On Wrist Calls function must be enabled to answer calls. There is no sim card slot in Fitbit Sense to get calls without a phone. It can receive a phone call using a Bluetooth connection. So your phone must be around and get connected using Bluetooth to get a calling notification on your Fitbit Sense.

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Can you text on a Fitbit Sense?

Yes. You can send quick replies from your Fitbit sense when your phone is out of your hands. When you receive a text message, you will get a notification on your Fitbit sense smartwatch, and you can reply to the text with a customized message from Fitbit Sense. There are options to type custom messages, use voice commands to type messages, and use pre-installed emojis.

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Final Verdict

Fitbit Sense has a great feature to get calling notifications and answer calls on your wrist. With some settings configuration, it is possible with Fitbit Sense. In some critical situations, it is a very useful feature for all Fitbit users. When you are syncing your mobile with Fitbit sense, it will show all the mobile applications on your wristwatch. You can easily select which application you want to receive notifications from. If there is an incoming call, you will see the caller ID on your watch screen. By selecting the answer button, you can attend the call without taking out your phone from your pocket. It is a great help, especially when you are in a meeting or in some other critical situation where you cannot attend calls using your phone. This way, you will not miss any important calls, and at the same time, you can attend them without disrupting others around you.

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