Apple Watch Stuck on Setting Language – Fix Now

Assuming you’ve gotten yourself a new Apple Watch and are excited to enjoy its new watch faces, complication setups and quick replies. You might also have reset your Watch for some reason. However, you start setting it; everything is going well until you get to select the language. After that, you’re stuck on the language selection screen and can’t do anything else. What do you do?

How to Troubleshoot Apple Watch Stuck on Setting Language Screen

Apple Watch getting stuck on the language screen is not a new problem. It has occurred quite often, making many Apple Watch users frustrated and annoyed. It commonly occurs during the first time setup of your new Apple Watch.

However, some people have experienced the same issue when trying to set up or change the language of their Apple Watch. In any case, you must find a way out of your trouble. You can try out the options below in order to get your Apple Watch working again:

1. Force Restart Your Apple Watch

A forced restart will halt all the running processes on your Apple Watch and clear out all the caches. It is likely to fix any software issue that might be causing your Watch to freeze or hang at the language selection screen.

To force restart your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Watch side button for a few more seconds until you see the Power Off slider.
  • Slide it to turn off your Watch and then tap on the same button to turn it on again when you have done the resetting.

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2. Reset Your Apple Watch

If a forced restart doesn’t solve your problem, it may require an Apple Watch resetting. Remember, this option will delete all the data on your Apple Watch, and you’ll have to setup it up again. It’s ideal for already paired Apple Watches that fail to function properly, like if you’re trying to set a new language and get stuck.

When you reset your Apple Watch, it will re-sync with your iPhone. Remember that this process might take a while, and you should ensure that your Watch has a solid internet connection (WiFi or cellular). Here are the steps:

  • Ensure your Apple Watch is charged or put it on a charger to avoid getting into Power Reserve Mode, which prevents you from doing anything with your Watch.
  • Press and hold the Watch’s side button – wait for some seconds until the Power Off screen appears.
  • While pressing and holding the Digital Crown, the Erase button should appear momentarily.
  • Now you can tap the Erase All confirm button and confirm it again.

3. Contact Apple Support

Fortunately, your Apple Watch should be working correctly again after you’ve done the above troubleshooting steps. However, if you have tried the above tips, the Watch unfreezes but then gets stuck again after a while; there is likely a hardware or software issue within the Apple Watch.

In this case, you should contact the Apple Support team for assistance with the problem. If the Watch is still under warranty, the Apple team might provide you with a replacement if the problem is proven to be within the device’s manufacturer.

What Might Have Caused the Apple Watch Language Selection Screen to Freeze?

While it’s not an occasional occurrence, a stuck on Apple Watch language selection screen might have been caused by several reasons such as:

1. An issue with your WatchOS software

Often when a watch is running an outdated WatchOS, it tends to run into software issues like the stuck-on language selection screen. The freeze comes as a result of incompatibility. It is most likely to happen to new Apple Watch models when they are running the first version of their respective Operating Systems.

2. An unstable connection between your Watch and iPhone

The pairing between your Apple Watch and iPhone is usually reliable, but sometimes it might be inconsistent. This instability can cause an issue where your Watch gets stuck on the language selection screen. There could have been an issue raised during pairing that might be causing a software bug on your Apple Watch.

3. UI glitches

While rare, a UI glitch in your Apple Watch might also be the reason why it gets stuck on the language selection screen. Such glitches occur when software conflicts in your iPhone and Watch, causing them to behave erratically. In cases like these, only a complete data wipe and reinstallation of the WatchOS software might resolve the issue.

Whatever the cause, it’s best to troubleshoot your Apple Watch carefully to get back to using it as normal.

Final Verdict!

Apple Watch getting stuck on the language selection screen can be a frustrating experience, but with some troubleshooting steps, you should be able to get your Watch working again. If you have tried the above tips and your Watch continues to get stuck on this screen, there is likely a hardware or software issue with your Watch. In this case, it’s best to contact the Apple Support team for assistance so they can help you resolve the issue. Good luck!

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