Apple Watch Stuck on Green Charging Screen (Fixed)

Apple Watch stuck on the green charging screen or the “green snake of death” is a common problem among Apple Watch users. This issue occurs when the device displays a charging screen with a zigzag pattern resembling a snake. It can be frustrating, considering some users even try to leave the Watch charging for days to see if the problem resolves itself but to no avail. So, how can you fix Apple Watch stuck on green charging screen?

One solution is to force restart the Watch. If that doesn’t work, allow the Watch to drain the battery completely by keeping off the charger until it shuts off on its own. Then, try charging it again until the Apple logo appears. You can also try connecting the Watch to a different charger or power source to rule out potential charging issues. You can take it to the nearest Apple repair shop if all else fails.

Read on to find out more about the green charging screen and how to fix it on your Apple Watch.

How to fix Apple Watch stuck on the green charging screen

Is your Watch showing the dreaded green charging screen? This is a common problem among many Apple watch users, especially those with a year or two old watch. Most of the time, it occurs due to an issue with the Apple watch battery, the battery sensors, or the charging system itself.

The good news is when the Watch shows the orange charging screen when off the charger and the green charging screen when on the charger, the charger is delivering some power. It might not be enough to charge the Watch or even power it on, or the battery isn’t adding any charge at all.

The bad news is that your Apple Watch battery might be dead and need replacing, which might cost you a lot. But don’t fret yet; you could try a few simple fixes.

1) Force Restart the Watch

Restarting the Watch can flash up the battery sensory system and fix some minor charging issues. It might be a basic solution, but it’s worth trying.

Force Restart

To force restart your Apple Watch, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold both the Digital Crown and the side button
  • Wait a few seconds for the logo to appear
  • Once you see the logo, you can release the buttons
  • Your Watch will now restart
  • Put it on the charger as it restarts and hope it charges.

Does the green charging screen still persist?

2) Try Another Charger

If restarting doesn’t work, try using another charger. It could be that your current one is faulty and not delivering enough power to charge your Watch.

If you don’t have another one, borrow or buy a new genuine Apple charger and see if that solves the issue.

Give an hour or two for the Watch to charge, and if it remains stuck on the green charging screen, move on to the next solution.

3) Drain and Charge the Watch

So, up to this point, you have attempted restarting the Watch, but it did not work. You tried using another charge but got the same issue. The next step is to drain and recharge the watch battery completely.

You want the Watch to use up even the reserved power, reset the battery charge, and recharge to full. This can remove any hiccups with the charging system caused by insufficient power.

a) Drain the Watch Battery Completely

This means leaving it unplugged until all of its power is used up, and nothing shows up on the screen when you press any buttons.

You want to take your time here. Be patient, as it might take a few hours or even days. But this step is crucial in resetting the battery and potentially fixing the charging issue.

Leave it unplugged and place it somewhere cool and dry. Keep checking it periodically to see if the battery has fully drained.

b) Charge the Apple Watch

Once the battery is fully drained, it’s time to charge it back up. Plug it into the charger and leave it for about 2-3 hours or until it is fully charged.

Charging Apple Watch

The good thing about this step is you’re charging the Apple watch from zero to full. This resets the battery sensors and makes it easier for the Watch to read and charge.

You want to use its original charger or an Apple-certified one to ensure that it charges properly. Hook it up to the wall outlet using an Apple adapter.

Avoid using your laptop or a power bank, as they might not provide enough power for the Watch to charge.

c) Test Out the Watch

After fully charging, try out your Apple Watch and see if it’s fixed. Can you see the orange charging screen when not on the charger and the green charging screen when it is? Is the Watch able to turn on and be used normally?

If all goes well, great! The problem has been fixed. But if not, it might be an issue with the battery itself or the battery charging system inside the Watch, which takes us to the last fix.

4) Take It to the Nearest Apple Store

If all else fails, it might be time to visit the nearest Apple Store and consult with an expert. They can take a closer look and determine if the problem is with the battery or something else.

They can replace it for you if it’s just a faulty battery. But they can fix or replace the Watch entirely if it’s something deeper.

This option might cost some money, but it might be worth ensuring that your Apple Watch can function properly in the long run.

However, the cost of Apple Watch battery replacements is close to the price of a new watch, so it might be worth considering purchasing a new one instead.

No matter what, always trust the experts and seek professional help regarding technical issues with your devices. This can save you time, frustration, and potentially money in the long run.

Final Verdict!

It can be frustrating if the Apple Watch is stuck on the green charging screen, but you can try to restart it. Try using another Apple Watch charge if that doesn’t solve the problem. If all else fails, completely drain and recharge the battery or take it to an Apple Store for expert help.

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